making lemonade

Because we think that everyone needs a big glass of good news these days, Windlass Creative is “making lemonade“, the GOOD NEWS ONLY e-newsletter.

When you subscribe to lemonade, we’ll send a full pitcher of refreshing news directly to your inbox on the first of every month. Each issue highlights the inspiring organizations and unique events around us in Newport County.  If you prefer, follow-us here and read lemonade online!

While we are not currently accepting advertising, we will occasionally highlight new products and services offered by our clients if we feel that they are positive offerings that may be of interest to our subscribers.

Do you know about something good going on– a beach clean-up, a business “going green”, or a a fun, free event? Drop us an email with the details  and we’ll consider placing your message in an upcoming issue of lemonade.

Constant Contact All-Star Award 2010lemonade, Constant Contact All-Star award winner for 2010-2017!

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