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Building a brand is so much more than simply finding a cool stock image or clip art to go with your name, even if you use a fancy font. Creating and utilizing the right brand to represent your business is an imperative if you are seeking to grow its visibility and bottom line.

The power of good branding is noteworthy. A first impression is often a lasting impression. Therefore, if your branding is memorable, it can project an image of experience and reliability, of quality through pride of ownership, and of size and scalability. Brands impart meaning and messages, they create images and personalities.

Strong branding can also contribute to financial benefits, as well. A premium image may command a premium price, which creates the perception of quality, which has been shown to positively impact customer activity. A strong brand identity makes believers out of customers.

Here are some recent examples of our work with local businesses:


This is a growing brand! The original Pulse Studio’s success was quickly followed by Bellevue Barre and most recently Pulse Gym and GameOn.
Although each of the venues has a different name and vibe, with one glance, it is obvious that they are a branded family of fitness facilities.
This composite logo is an easy multi-tasker for the busy business owners:

PULSE logos by SallyAnne Santos

Note the hierarchy of copy– titles, key phrases and tag lines integrated with images and icons to convey multiple messages on each postcard —
all on brand!


It all started with a hat… on a cupcake… and why not add a bow tie?
This whimsical logo inspired by the baker herself, brands every baked goody that comes from her oven. Using a wire-form, this Mad Hatter even “brands” her logo into the frosting of each cake!

Mad Hatter Bakery logo by SallyAnne Santos


All “Metre” sailboats are designed to a formula that contains the square root of its sail area, for example:

12mR Formula

Each Metre Class boat is identified by an underscored insignia on its main sail, like these:
Metre Class Insignia

By framing all of the participating metre class insignia within the square root symbol, this event logo visually unites the disparate competitors whose yachts range from 13+’ – 70′ feet in length.

MetreFEST Newport logo by SallyAnne Santos


This graphic for the 2019 12 Metre World Championship illustrates the event location and flag of each participating nation overlay-ed on 12mR yacht silhouettes.
Without any words, a viewer knows this represents is an International 12mR event taking place in Newport, RI.

Composite logos visually identify partnerships:

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