Windlass Creative recently designed a unique public exhibit in Hoboken, New Jersey– the birthplace of a surprising number of “firsts” and groundbreaking accomplishments. The Hoboken Business Alliance commissioned WC’s Creative Director, SallyAnne Santos to conceive, compose and design 20 depictions of Hoboken’s unique history to be displayed on “eyesore” utility boxes. With the installation now complete, downtown Hoboken is alive with colorful, eye-catching designs that combine local history bytes with authentic, archival images.

Click on any design to view full size image and captions.

Our involvement started with researching Hoboken’s specific accomplishments followed by sourcing supporting images from the U.S. Library of Congress and the Hoboken Historical Museum. Specific layouts were created to meet box specifications and paired with appropriate locations based on content. Panels installed adjacent to the Hudson Tavern, site Hoboken as the home to America’s 1st Brew House (1641) and the filming location for “On the Waterfront”.

After the designs were finalized, each panel’s anomalies– handles, hinges, doors, vents, dents and more– had to be considered. Working with Manhattan Neon’s expert installers, Windlass Creative fine-tuned each layout to insure that critical content would not be compromised by poor placement.

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